March 30, 2017

I got another book in the mail not long ago! I was totally excited because the cover was so beautiful. Harvest is a how-to guide on how things grow, when to harvest them, and what to do with them. The pages are filled with stimulating and beautiful photos of seasonal produce, herbs and flowers. It’s a feast for the eyes. Writing and getting a book published is such a long process, you always have to admire and respect the authors that stay the project through. Harvest is full of how to dry herbs, flowers and citrus. After all, the book lists unexpected projects using 47 garden plants. It also includes recipes for quince paste, pomegranate margarita and hostess gifts like edible flower pressed cheeses.

Unfortunately, in a time where most chefs and restaurants are trying to find ways to reduce and eliminate food waste, this book seems like the epitome of food waste. Most of the “what to do” with the things you harvest seem like a waste. It seems like the book uses the most expensive products as tablescapes instead of ingredients: artichoke flower arrangement, apricot facial scrub, blueberry dye, persimmon wreath. It would have been helpful if they added a sidebar on what to do with these ingredients after you use them for frivolous uses. A recipe could have been added to assist the reader in maximum utilization of a beautiful (and expensive) product, rather than just using it as a floral arrangement. While creative, a waste of food.

However, just looking at the beautiful photos will inspire you to grow or exercise your green thumb in the garden. #sponsored I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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