February 10, 2010

Our meal at Delfina was finished with a walk on a warm night down Valencia. And I finally understood why eaters like to finish their meals with a cigarette, or if you’re not a smoker, coffee. If you’re not a coffee drinker, a night of down and dirty rompin’ in the sack. And if you’re celibate, settling down for a long winter’s nap. And if you’re an insomniac, just go ahead and shoot yourself now. You suck.

Delfina is, what the real estate market has coined, “cozy.” There is a large wooden bench that spans the entire back wall, it doubles as a seat for the tables, and you’ll eventually touch the hand of the person who’s sitting next to you. Not necessarily sitting with you. It’s intimate, romantic, modern and every bit of what you envision when you hear the term, “San Francisco fine dining.”

Tiefenbrunner’s LaGrien – – This is the first time I have known what a good wine tastes like. Reasonable price, a beautiful, deep garnet colour. You could smell the red fruit and the wood tones, rather than just alcohol. Damn you $10 bargain wines of Food Outlets!

Salt Cod Mantecato w/ walnut oil and toasted fennel seed flatbread – – This was basically nothing more than a bacalao paste in a ramekin that came with lots of crispy pieces of flatbread.

Insalata di Campo – Bitter Greens with Pancetta, Walnuts, Parmigiano Reggiano and Balsamic Vinaigrette – – The parmigiano reggiano was addicting. It tasted earthy. Like the sea. And like a green pasture flooded with soft pink flowers, earthy.

Wolfe Ranch Quail w/ Anson Mills polenta, house-made fennel sausage and a Vin Santo sauce. Hey-sus almighty, I tell you…this was amazing. At first, this dish was kind of a salt shock to my system. But, it elevated the natural flavor of the quail. Tender pieces of Quail quarters on a bed of creamy polenta. And that killer sausage, bits of it all throughout my dish.

Mint Tagliatelle w/ Chanterelles – The mint was kneaded directly into the dough. However, my dining partner is a vegetarian, so they didn’t cook this dish with their normal chicken stock which made the dish very bland. Not their fault, it’s his fault for being a lame anemic non-carnivore. No wonder he’s so sensitive and laid-back. EAT SOME MEAT!

Dessert. That’s right…I said. Any self-respecting baker is going to try out the damn desserts, right? I’m probably just making excuses for being fat.

Profiteroles w/ espresso gelato, warm chocolate sauce and candied almonds.

Red Cow Parmigiano Reggiano (Emilia-Romagna cow’s milk) with saba. Saba is a syrup made from the must (a process in wine making) of Trebbiano grapes. It’s like a high-quality balsamic vinegar. It was delicious!

One of the best meals I’ve had.

3621 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 552-4055

MUNI: 33 (18th @ Guerrero), 14 (Mission @ 18 – walk 5 blocks West), 49 (same as 14), J-line (Church @ 18 – walk a few blocks East)

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