Food Shootin’ With My Bro…in-law…

January 15, 2014
As an only child (and tomboy) I’ve always wanted a brother. So, it tickled me to no end when I got hitched in November of 2013 and earned myself a brother-in-law. Not just any bro, one of them creative types. A professional photographer and jovial individual, with a beautiful wife and deliciously adorable Beagle puppy, to nerd around with when it comes to artsy stuff and brewing beer. In 2012 we got together and started mucking around with taking photos of foods I cooked in their kitchen. I wanted to learn more about styling (I’m working on the skills), he wanted to learn more about shooting food; it worked out for both of our portfolios. So, here are some photos of the stuff, the photos belong to him…don’t douche around and claim them as your own…he’s nice…but, I’ll shiv you. Dan Liberti Enjoy; most recent to oldest.  


Arroz Con Gandules recipe can be found by clicking here









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