IFBC Sacramento 2016

July 25, 2016
ifbc 2016  

It looks like I’ll be attending the International Food Blogger Conference next week in my hometown, Sacramento. Deeming themselves as the first ever conference for food bloggers, this conference “features high-quality educational sessions and personal networking opportunities.” Of course, their theme for the year is “farm to fork.” As Sacramento and the surrounding valley provides so much produce  to the US, Northern California producing 82% of the world’s almonds. If I have to hear the “farm to fork” term one more time, I might become homicidal.

One of the workshops within the conference is focused on “Questions the FoodTech Industry is Asking and How Bloggers Can Answer.” Companies throughout Silicon Valley are asking: how can we change food for the better and disrupt some of the largest industries in the world?  I never thought the world of tech, as I know it to be the “make the world a better place through gentrification” had a rightful place in the restaurant industry and this belief was confirmed during the Hapa Ramen, Nakato vs. Van Natta, fiasco.

Sacramento weather will be in it’s full summer glory, beaming down on those of us who will be attending the “pre-conference excursions.” It’s supposed to be 104°F on the day we set out for Capay Organic Farm. “Capay Organic is a second-generation, organic farm that got its start in the Coastal Ranges’ Capay Valley, 90 miles northeast of San Francisco. After more than 30 years of organic farming, Capay Organic grows more that 130 varieties of fruits and vegetables on 500 acres of certified organic land. The farm is now owned and operated by the second-generation farmers – Kathy and Martin’s sons – Noah, Thaddeus and Freeman. In keeping with their parents’ vision, the farm practices healthy crop rotation, encourages a diverse ecosystem around our fields, efficiently uses local water sources, and carefully selects produce varieties that grow well and taste great.”

All in all, I’m excited to attend my first ever food-related conference.


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