TBD: Sister of AQ; Son of Grilled Asparagus.

July 7, 2014

radish-fava-chicken skin-tbd

Here’s an idea. Let’s come to a restaurant that has an open kitchen with a blazin’ hot Asador Etxebarri-ish wood fire stove when San Francisco is experiencing its annual May heat wave. It seemed like even my camera was throwing a temper tantrum at the thought of being used. Walking away from that, I’m am willing to stake everything on the charred asparagus that I had at TBD a few months ago. TBD is cute. TBD is hip. TBD is exactly what the name says and in the middle of some serious “touch and go.” We ordered…too much. Country ham. I’m not entirely a fan of ham to begin with. The only reason why I may enjoy Iberico in the past may have everything to do withthe fact that it is sliced paper thin. This ham was…ham. It was salty and it was chewy. It came with a side of uber-earthy and impenetrable baby turnips that would not surrender to the pressure of the fork, or my teeth. Grilled asparagus with lemon zest and nori, lamb with dandelion greens, chicken sausage with potatoes the size of marbles, steamed mussles, and a s’mores dish to match all. Unfortunately, their fire time was all off. Instead of getting a carefully orchestrated meal with a few moments of time between courses (both to reflect and digest), we were hit all at once with seven-plates of food, including an earthenware cazuela full of mussels. So, our choice was to either man up and push through with ferocity, whle the food was hot. Or, sit back after every bite, pinkies up and utensils down, like royalty while the expensive meal got cold. Needless to say, we pushed through with ferocity.







It doesn’t matter. I’m applauding for this place on the sidelines. Their service is sublime…supreme. Their in-house made sodas, in my case a citrusy one with crushed ice, hit the spot. And since we visited, they have changed their tasting menu from a $65 affair to a $45 prix-fixe and that shit is definitely worth it. Get your arse down there. TBD 1077 Mission Street, San Francisco, Ca 94103 [SOMA]

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